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We are excited to announce Tidewater Flower Co-op has a soft opening date of Wednesday, April 13, 2022!

Pre-Order Schedule:
Friday @ 8am edt - Wholesale Opens
Sunday @ 8am edt - Retail Opens
Monday @ Noon edt - Pre-Order Closes

We offer gorgeous, Virginia-grown blooms for pick up and delivery

The Tidewater Flower Co-op (“TFC”) is a non-profit organization of flower farmers committed to sustainable farming techniques, developing the local flower supply chain, and improving communities by providing easy access to sustainable floriculture.

Our Growers

ONECommunity Museum
So Many Flowers
Interstate 8 Floristry
Lakeside Blooms

How It Works

#1 Sign Up for Rooted Farmer

It is free for designers and retail customers! Click heading for link.

#2 Purchase a Buyer's Pass

Wholesale only - Ongoing or by the event. Please note that even if you have a Rooted account for Wholesale, you need to have a Buyer's Pass with us to purchase through our site. The pass can also be added to your first order.

#3 Fill out our Buyer's Survey

Wholesale only - optional, but helpful! Click heading for link.

Pre-Ordering is available

Seasonal flowers are updated by our growers weekly. You may order by 10pm on Monday to receive that next Wednesday or reach out to discuss a different delivery timeline.

Mondays - Pre-Orders Close

Customers, please get your orders in by 10pm on Monday!

Wednesdays - Pickup/Delivery

Orders will be available for pick up or delivery each week on Wednesdays.

Inspired by our Blooms?

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